Danny White Calls Out Those Wanting Dak Benched

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Danny White joined me on my NBC Sports Radio show and has a message for Dallas Cowboys fans and media who want to send Dak Prescott to the bench:

"If this really is something that's going around... some kind of controversy being created, it's ridiculous and  somebody needs to be ashamed of themselves after what Dak has done for this team this year."

White lives in Arizona full time but flies in to do the national radio broadcast of every Cowboys game said he wasn't aware people were calling for Tony Romo to play.

White is a former Cowboys quarterback and said he's marveled at what the fourth round draft pick from Mississippi State has done this year.

"I totally agree with what Jason Garrett said, Dak Prescott has just been phenomenal this year and I don't think there is anybody that even came close to expecting him to do the kind of job he's done," White said. "He didn't have his best game the other night.  In fact, he probably in his estimation, had a poor game. But you don't bench a quarterback who's done what he's done.”

The Cowboys are still in first place and are tied with the New England Patriots for the best record in the NFL at 11-2.

White took up for Prescott who has lead Dallas to road wins over the Packers and Steelers who have Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. In fact, Prescott has produced four, fourth quarter come from behind wins this season.

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"He’s proven over the last few weeks especially, that you don't give up on him and you don't give up on this team," White said. "They've been in some tough situations, they've had to come from behind and they've done it. They've proven now that they are capable of doing it. They just didn't do it the other night."

Listen to my full interview with Danny White CLICK HERE.

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