Dallas' Hottest Roster Takes Shape

Dallas' lingerie roster to be revealed Saturday in Southlake.

The Lingerie Football League (yes, you read that right) held an open tryout for Dallas' Desire football team on Friday.

What is the LFL you ask?  It's an extension of the immensely successful pay-per-view special that, much to the chagrin of the NFL, runs in direct competition to the ballyhooed and often disappointing Super Bowl half-time extravaganza put on by the boy's league each winter.

To further explain it ... it's simply models in lingerie playing 7-on-7 tackle football against other similarly steamy-named teams.

On Friday, the girls went through traditional football drills like passing, catching and secondary coverage -- they even ran some 40-yard sprints.  The combine concluded with a short scrimmage to test the girls in game situations.

"It's real football, but it's just played by beautiful women.  They have a lot of built in athleticism -- it's just a matter of honing them and finding the next Tony Romo -- only better, in a skirt," said Mitchell Mortaza, founder of the LFL. "It doesn't hurt to be beautiful -- that's part of the criteria.  You're not going to see 250-lb bruisers out there I can tell you that much."

The top 12 football femmes fatales will be offered a spot on the Desire roster -- which will be revealed Saturday.  (Check back for updates and photos with the team in uniform.)

"I don't know if I will have what they look for, but hopefully -- finger's crossed," said Ann Hanson, who cleans pools when not cleaning clocks on the gridiron.

After Saturday's photoshoot the new teammates will take part in a red-carpet kick-off party at one of Dallas' more popular nightspots.

But the fun doesn't end there.  The girls will train, train, train, leading up to the actual kick-off on Friday, Sept. 25, when the Desire sprint on to the gridiron to smother ... douse ... quench the Phoenix Scorch.  (Sorry, had a hard time finding the right verb to illustrate a sexy beating.)

In the LFL, the teams play a pretty abbreviated season of only four games -- two of which are at home -- so you may want to look into tickets now.

The team's second home game is against Seattle on Oct. 23. After that, the girls will head out to suppress the San Diego Seduction before quelling the Los Angeles Temptation on Nov. 20 and Jan. 8, 2010, respectively. (Look at those verbs in action!)

On Saturday, the kick-off party begins at 10 p.m. with red-carpet player introductions at Purgatory Nightclub. Players who make the cut will also need to be available for a team photoshoot Saturday afternoon. Let's hope those who make the team had Valentine's Day plans that their boyfriends won't mind rescheduling.

The other five franchises in the LFL are the Chicago Bliss, New England Euphoria, Atlanta Steam, Tampa Breeze and Miami Caliente.  For more information on the Lingerie Football League, visit lflus.com.

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