Dallas Doesn't Need a Minor League Ballpark

While the Rangers, RoughRiders, AirHogs and Cats all play their seasons in their respective ballparks, Dallas wants to open another place to take you out to the ballgame.

Simply put, it's a dumb idea.

On the site of what was going to be a mixed-use development (until the developer came inches from foreclosure), another local developer wants to place a minor league ballpark.

But do we really need another one?

When the Rangers, RoughRiders, AirHogs, and Cats all sell out their games, maybe, just maybe we'll think there is enough demand to warrant another team -- but you'll still have to convince us on the venue.

DFW has a wealth of minor league and professional baseball -- adding another team to the mix isn't necessary at all. Is the intention to try to pull people from west Dallas into downtown? West Dallas County residents might already be AirHogs season ticket holders if the Rangers didn't get their cash. Maybe Dallas North Tollway commuters are the target? If they're not willing to drive to Frisco, why would they battle a drive downtown?

A downtown Dallas ballpark certainly sounds like something that would "boost surrounding businesses" in the area, but in reality, it won't work that way. The AAC is a perfect example of where this theory gets skewed -- while the crowds may show up to Major League hockey or basketball game, they don't support a whole mixed-use development based around the arena.

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To be frank, the "minor league" that would use this stadium is heavy on the minor and light on the league. Dallas would be competing with cities like Harlingen, San Angelo, and Laredo. Those aren't big names ... and that's 2/3rd of the league.

It's three strikes to us, and sounds like a bad deal for baseball fans and Dallas.

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