Dak Prescott Advocates for Oklahoma Prisoner's Release

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott is advocating for the release of an Oklahoma prisoner on death row, writing a letter to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

In the letter, obtained by TIME Magazine, Prescott cites his own battle with racial injustices and asks Governor Stitt to release Julius Jones.

“I was like Dak Prescott, oh my goodness,” said Jones sister, Antoinette Jones. “I try not to get overjoyed because I realize my brother’s life is on the line still.”

Jones is currently on death row, after being convicted of the 1999 murder of an Oklahoma businessman. But in years since, many have criticized the verdict for ignoring key evidence and being racially motivated.

“I think the first thing people need to know about Julius’ situation is the man did not have proper representation,” said advocate Cece Jones-Davis.

Jones-Davis believes Jones is also a victim and a petition she started calling for his release has so far garnered more than 6-million signatures.

“Having someone like Dak Prescott come forward helps us to heighten this campaign to a new level,” said Jones-Davis.

The Oklahoma Attorney General has defended the conviction, standing by it as recently as last month. But the Jones’ family hopes with the continued conversation, his case will get a second look.

“We all know what injustice looks like and we all know what justice is and we are looking for justice,” said Antoinette Jones.

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