Cowboys Using Drones to Film Practice

A drone was on hand at the Cowboys' rookie minicamp last weekend

It’s the future--today!

The Dallas Cowboys have begun experimenting with the use of drones to film practice at new and exciting angles. A drone was on hand last weekend, whirring away over the two-a-day practices that make up the Cowboys’ rookie minicamp.

Head coach Jason Garrett said the experiment, which was inspired by the SMU football team, will continue through the offseason.

“Over the course of this offseason, we spend a lot of time evaluating ourselves and what we’re doing and we spend some time evaluating what other people are doing,” Garrett said, per the Dallas Morning News. “We had a chance to see one program, SMU in particular, use those drones at practice. We pride ourselves on coaching and teaching our players as well as we can.

“Film has been a big part of this game for a long time. Typically you have an end zone shot and you have a sideline shot. We use a lot of handheld cameras on the ground, we use this thing we call the Joe Pole, which gives you higher ground angle. One of our coaches went down to SMU for their spring practice and he saw they were using it. They liked the angle. We got a chance to see it, so we decided to take a look at it. We’ll use it again over the course of the off-season. Hopefully it will be a good thing for us, give us a different angle.”

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