Cowboys Fan Makes Bold, Permanent Prediction

There are Cowboy fans and then there's 24-year-old Jordan Garnett. He's been cheering for America's Team since he was in first grade.

"I started watching the Cowboys in 1999, " Garnett said. "I'm pretty sure that was Irvin's last year, Aikman was done the next year and then we lost Emmitt to the Cardinals in '03.  The only great season I got to see was Emmitt beating the (NFL all-time rushing) record."
Still, Jordan kept rooting for the 'Boys and buying their jerseys.

Even though he lives in Florida, his recent trip to the tattoo parlor has gone viral.

"I'm calling it now, " he added, as he rolled up his sleeve and showed off his new ink. "You heard it here first, Dallas. Don't hate me. I'm not jinxing you. I'm just that confident."

His new tattoo, which happens to be his only tattoo, is a picture of the Dallas Cowboys iconic star with the words: Super Bowl LI Champions.

Last week the Cowboys became the first team in the league to clinch a playoff berth, but we're still two months away from Super Bowl LI.

"Everybody's like, 'You can't do that,'" Jordan explained.  "'You don't know yet, you don't know yet.' Come on, we know! We're going this year."

Not everyone's smiling about his bold, permanent prediction.

"I have middle schoolers threatening to kill me and beat me up, " he said.

Jordan just laughs it off.

"The best part about it is a Giants fan paid for the tattoo, " Jordan joked.  "We're gonna be OK. We're gonna take it. I promise I'm not the next Steve Bartman of sports. If it doesn't come true I'm the biggest idiot, but if it does come true, I look like a genius."

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