Cowboys Emphasize Player COVID-19 Safety as Training Camp Concludes

Before their first game in the 2020 season, the Dallas Cowboys are emphasizing player safety in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

The Dallas Cowboys are set to wrap up a very different and memorable training camp this weekend. Head coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the team about the COVID-19 challenges that come with a transition from most players living in the hotel attached to the practice facility at the Star in Frisco back to their homes and regular lives during the regular season.

“Now that our players, coaches and support staff have been into the routine and the discipline that needs to be done, to this point, the results speak to the fact that we’re doing a heck of a job,” McCarthy said. “I think the whole process helped us all. God-willing, hopefully we stay the course and continue to get the results we’ve been getting.”

Results that can drastically impact how the Cowboys perform on the field in games in the fall, trying to avoid having players test positive for COVID-19 for their own safety first, but also for the safety of others.

“It’s pretty apparent you don’t want to miss games because you test positive for COVID,” said Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. “We’re all here to play football. We’re not going to do anything dumb to jeopardize that. Staying safe, and it’s really not about you. It’s about the guy next to you. You don’t want him to get sick and go home to his family. It’s more of an accountability thing and keeping each other accountable. It’s not about you. It’s about the guys around you in this locker room and their families.”

Thinking of families while putting the team first, as a very different Cowboys training camp wraps up at the Star in Frisco, and week one game preparation gets underway while continuing to preach safety.

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