Dirk Wants Sole Custody of Baby: Court Papers

It's as good as admitting he thinks the baby could be his.

Dallas Mavericks star player Dirk Nowitzki has filed for sole custody of the baby his ex-girlfriend, Crystal Taylor, is carrying.

Nowitzki filed a petition at the Dallas County courthouse last Friday according to the Beaumont Enterprise.

Taylor was arrested May 6 at Nowitzki's home in north Dallas. The 37-year-old woman was indicted in Sept. 2006 on a theft of services charge for not paying a Beaumont dentist for 2004 dental work worth from $1,500 to $20,000.

Taylor is still in the Jefferson County jail and that's where she was served with Nowitzki's petition to adjudicate parentage.

Neither Nowitzki nor Taylor were named in the court document the Beaumont Enterprise reported. The petitioner was identified as "D.N.," a resident of Dallas County and the respondent, Taylor, was referred to as "C.T."

Taylor's lawyer, Beaumont attorney Scott Renick, confirmed Taylor received the documents, and says she is visibly pregnant.

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Renick said the petition not only requests genetic testing to determine the identity of the parents, but requests that "D.N." be appointed sole managing conservator of the child after birth if he is proven to be the father.

Taylor's trial on theft of services was delayed until July 27. If convicted, she could be sentenced to a state jail for up to two years.

Taylor is also held without bond on a probation violation warrant from St. Charles County, Mo.

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