Cowboys' Connor Williams Feeds Homeless in Dallas

Cowboys' offensive lineman Connor Williams fed the homeless in Dallas on Friday.

"Most of us are very fortunate, we don't even realize that we know where our next meal is coming from and most of these people don't," Williams said.

He's talking about the people at the Second Chance Cafe inside The Bridge Homeless Assistance Center. It's a place where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served 365 days a year thanks to the facility's partner agency -- The Stewpot.

"When a celebrity like Connor Williams comes," executive director Brenda Snitzer said. "It just really touches them because it makes it real that there are other people out in the community that want to come and give back and let them know that they care and hope they'll get some help and get off the streets."

The fight against hunger is a common cause among the Cowboys' offensive linemen. Travis Frederick's "Block Out Hunger Foundation" aims to help school kids. It's also inspired Williams to take a page out of Frederick's playbook.

"Definitely been working with Travis' foundation of focusing on hunger," Williams said. "He's made it clear that there's a lot of hunger in DFW, not only DFW, but globally and so to be able to attack that issue is very good."

A $5,000 check from Polaris Slingshot to The Stewpot will certainly help make more days like this possible.

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"It's inspirational to see all these people helping other people and the smiles on people's faces who get these meals and how grateful they are," Williams said.

On this day, there were more than 600 grateful guests who left feeling full.

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