Competition Committee Declares JerryTron A Non-Issue

The most talked about non-issue of the 2009 football season has been officially declared a non-issue by the NFL Competition Committee. (Sigh.)

As you may remember, A.J. Trapasso, a back-up punter then with the Tennessee Titans, hit the videoboard named JerryTron with a punt in the first (albeit meaningless) football game at the new stadium. The punt was done over, of course, and Trapasso was eventually released; but the damage was done.

The videoboard story drew an amount of ill-founded public interest  not seen since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's vault in 1986, even reaching newspapers in London. Jerry Jones maintained that the board was fine all along, though few seemed to believe him.

Now, he has his vindication.

If a season without a single punt hitting the board wasn't enough, the NFL Competition Committee declared JerryTron-gate a big empty vault of a controversy, yesterday during a conference call. The decision comes less than a week before the NFL's spring meetings in Orlando, where potential rule changes, including an amendment of overtime policy, will be presented to the league by the Competition Committee.


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