Collinsworth: “No Way” Jerry Would Let Deadline Pass Without Dez Deal

NBC Sunday Night Football announcer Cris Collinsworth thinks Dez Bryant is one of the best, if not the best, receiver in football

Presumably, Cris Collinsworth was not surprised when Dez Bryant agreed to a new, five-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys less than an hour before the deadline passed.

In an interview with NBC 5’s Pat Doney, the Sunday Night Football announcer and former NFL wide receiver credited Bryant with (a) being one of the best receivers in football, if not the best, and (b) playing a major role in the Cowboys’ return to serious contender status for the first time in years.

Basically, Bryant’s importance to what Jerry Jones is trying to build made it so Collinsworth never had a doubt that Bryant and the Cowboys would get a deal done.

"I would've liked to have been Dez's agent, because there was no way Jerry Jones was not going to sign that guy this year,” Collinsworth told Doney. “They have the table set. They have a chance this year. And it's been a long time since they've had this kind of a football team put together. But you're not quite there if you don't have Dez Bryant. If he's not the best receiver in football right now he's darn close to it. I love how competitive he is. I love the way he fights for the football in the endzone. I am a huge Dez Bryant fan."

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