Coach's Big Worry: Facebook

OSU Coach Mike Gundy warns players

What has these Big 12 coaches on alert?

Facebook accounts.

"We don't have any policies other than just be really careful what you put on Facebook," said Gundy, whose team is ranked 11th. "Just be careful."

The fifth-ranked Sooners have their compliance office monitoring pages of players on Facebook, which is a social networking Web site.

"We make them aware of that," Stoops said. "Anything that they put on there is going to be public. So, just make sure you're smart about it. From time to time, we have to bring guys in, and ask about it."

Prince has warned his players they're responsible for the photos they place on Facebook. Anything risque on there could come back to bite them later in life.

"It's a very tricky thing," Prince said. "When you want to be evaluated for the NFL, maybe perhaps later for jobs or graduate school, those are all places that we believe will become public domain and people will evaluate you and who you are based on your site."

Chizik couldn't agree more.

"In this day and age, they (students) just live on that stuff," he said. "We're more along the line of just trying to educate our guys and let them understand the potential negatives that can happen -- try to stay proactive in that way."

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