Charles Haley Picks Eddie DeBartolo to Present Him at HoF

Eddie DeBartolo owned the San Francisco 49ers when Haley came into the league

Owner Jerry Jones has become a familiar face at Hall of Fame induction ceremonies involving former Dallas Cowboys of recent. He presented Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Larry Allen, and at the time of Smith’s induction, added that it was a possibility that he’d present Deion Sanders and Charles Haley when they went in.

Sanders ended up going with his agent Eugene Parker to present him back in 2011, and Haley--set to be inducted in August--will also look elsewhere for his presenter, though he admitted it was a tough choice.

Haley’s first choice was his first coach with the 49ers, the legendary Bill Walsh, but Walsh passed away in 2007. He also thought of having more than one presenter, but the Hall nixed that idea. So he’s going with the 49ers owner at the time he came into the league, Eddie DeBartolo.

"I wanted to do like a combo but the Hall of Fame wouldn't [allow it] and I stressed to them there's not going to be anybody that's going to be with one team the rest of their careers," Haley said, per Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas. "You're going to start having guys play five years here and five years there and have great success at both plays so what do you do? And they're toying with that right now.

"I promised Bill Walsh before he died that I wanted him to present me and he called me like two days before he passed and he just followed my whole career. He was there for me and I could call him about anything. Hey, that was an easy thing for me to go with the 49ers."

His combo-presenter idea rejected, Haley still intends on Jerry being involved in his big weekend.

"Jerry's always been real with me and he knows my heart and he knows what I'm about," Haley said.

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