Cam Newton Says Hardy Was a “Great Teammate”

Newton and Hardy were teammates for four years in Carolina

Set to face his former teammate Greg Hardy for the first time on Thursday, this week, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton remembered the controversial defensive end as a fine teammate.

"Greg is a great teammate, contrary to popular belief," Newton said, per the Dallas Morning News. "He is a person that came in and worked hard, gave everybody everything that he had and a person that you love to watch on Sundays. Any time you've got a person like that, it's always great to watch. I'm wishing him the best."

Now, whether what Newton said is really contrary to popular belief in NFL circles is debatable. Outside the NFL, yes, Hardy is almost universally disliked. But Newton’s statement goes right in line with what other Panthers said about Hardy, and is highly similar to what the quarterback of Hardy’s current team, Tony Romo had to say about the former Pro Bowler this week.

"He's done a real good job in our locker room of presenting himself as a good teammate," Romo said. "He comes in with a good attitude and a good work ethic here in the building. So the teammates obviously root for him."

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