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Bryant Plays Less than 24 Hours After Father's Death

MacArthur Hatton, Bryant's father, died Saturday night.

Dez Bryant played with a heavy heart on Sunday. His father, MacArthur Hatton, passed away on Saturday. There are few details of his death.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed the news to the team's sideline reporter Kristi Scales on 105.3 The Fan.

“He’s very sad,” Jones said. “And you only have one of those. But he was getting the kind of support you would think. He’s loved in that locker room and by the coaches as well. And, so, there was a lot of sensitivity and love being expressed to him. I would say this. I’ll say this. If he wanted to be at some place in his life, I bet it would be right in the middle of that locker room to be dealing with that.”

Bryant paid respects to his late father on the field. The wide receiver caught a long, 50-yard touchdown to give the Cowboys a second half lead. Instead of celebrating with his traditional "Throw Up the X" routine, he went to a knee, prayed then blew a kiss into the sky.

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