Brandon Carr Putting Turbulence of 2014 Behind Him

Carr struggled off and on before finishing the 2014 season strong

Frank Heinz, NBC DFW

After a 2014 campaign that was rough enough at points that it was widely assumed that he’d be asked to take a pay cut this offseason, Brandon Carr is moving forward.

For what it’s worth, that pay cut never came, though owner and general manager Jerry Jones has said the team will continue to look at their options where Carr’s mammoth contract is concerned. Carr himself isn’t interested in all the speculative contract talk, as he made clear earlier in the year, when the talk was a lot louder.

“It’s a business and it’s all about producing, and each and every day I fight to get up and try to embrace the grind and get better each day I step onto that field,” Carr told the team’s website. “All the noise outside--I’ve been here for four years now. I’ve learned how to block it out and how to maneuver through it.”

Of course, last year wasn’t all bad for Carr. He came on late in the season and in the playoffs with a series of performances that we’d imagine encouraged his bosses at Valley Ranch a good deal. He’ll look to build on that in 2015.

“That last month I had an opportunity to go out there and really get back to form and shutting guys down,” Carr said. “I definitely want to build on it, but this is a new year, a new set of circumstances.”

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