Demi Lovato's Mom Was A Cowboys Cheerleader!

If you have a daughter over the age of, oh, let’s say seven and a half, you’re no doubt aware of the star power of Disney Channel Adorable Ingenue Human Zygote Farm® product Demi Lovato, who is well on her way to being the fourth most famous entity on planet Earth with the name Demi, right after Demi Moore, Demi bras, and Demi-glace (mmmm, French sauce bases). Only 16 years old, Lovato already has a #1 album to her credit, along with a TV resume that would put Ted McGinley to shame.

So how does she do it? Where does she get the kind of ambition and drive needed to be such a success at such an early age? From whose sky-reaching loins must she have sprung? Well, today at StarPulse, Lovato reveals that she is the offspring of none other than one of your Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. It’s true!

/flips hair

/snaps gum

/watches “Twilight”

/texts everyone the news  

Mike: Your mom was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Has she shared any stories yet? Or is that maybe stories for the future or maybe never?

Demi Lovato: The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were really respectful and they weren't just girls that pranced around in little outfits.

It’s true. The Cowboys cheerleaders aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces. Many of them have contributed to revolutionary discoveries in the field of biotechnology, and taught youngsters the wonders of 18th century Flemish poetry, and HOLY SMOKES LOOK AT THE CANS ON THAT ONE! 

They're really hard working. My mom tells me a lot of stories about how they would have to work so hard every single day. She would often tell me how sometime you couldn't go get a drink of water on the field, even if you're dying of thirst.

No water for the cheerleaders? Who was their den mother, Bud Grant? Eliza Dushku never would have tolerated this kind of crap in “Bring It On.” I’m all in favor of keeping cheerleaders well hydrated, preferably via sprinkler system or playful hosing. We don’t want any of those girls pulling a Korey Stringer out there. That would be a tragedy for me and my pants. 

Or, you had to wear those outfits while it's snowing.

And bless their little hearts for it.  

She just taught me a lot by all of the stories about how hard she had to work and to never give up and things like that. I think the cheerleaders work just as hard as the football players do.

Or harder, if that player is Roy Williams. Just what did Demi’s mom look like back in her cheering heyday? CelebSlap has the pics of Dianna Lovato. Dianna looks to have been quite the dish back then. I look forward to Holly Hunter playing her in the TV movie.

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