Williams-Romo Connection Flourishes In Calm of Camp

The Dallas Morning News' Cowboys beat writer Todd Archer went all national on us recently, making an appearance on ESPN to discuss the state of affairs as he saw them down in the Big D. Namely, the progression of Tony Romo and Roy Williams' relationship, a training camp topic that is, at least in 2009 for Dallas, about as hot as they come.

Williams and Romo first got together in March, beginning what hopefully, will be a much refined rapport compared to last season, during which it seemed Williams was never really comfortable. On the eve of Dallas' first preseason game, the pair are looking more in tune than ever.

"They started early before even the offseason conditioning program just to throw some passes back and forth, get to know each other, get a read on each other, where Tony likes to put the ball where Roy likes to put the ball," Archer said. "And you know, through the OTAs and mini-camps it was spotty you know, they didn't connect all the time, they had their ups and downs, and then through training camp, a little bit the same, but in the last week or so, it's been... I don't want to say it was Romo-to-Owens, it was pretty good."

"They look like they've hit on some things where I think Roy Williams is going to be much more comfortable with what's going on in this offense," Archer continued.

The hopefully growing harmony between the two speak to a curiously harmonious camp for Dallas, who got to this point by weeding out distraction. See: Terrell Owens. See: Pacman Jones. See: Hard Knocks filming at Bengals camp.

What effect this quiet, football-centric training camp will have on the team's record remains to be seen. But it's a breath of fresh air for fans, players, and just about anyone disgusted by the inherently flawed circus of 2008.

"So far it's been all about football and these guys have had a workman-like attitude about things," Archer continued. "And after you lose 44-6 in your last game and you finish 9-7 and you're out of the playoffs, you know, that's what you need, that's what a team needs to bounce back and come back."

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