Why Are the Dallas Cowboys Never Portrayed as Heroes by Hollywood? ‘This Is Us' Tells Us

The Pittsburgh Steelers were portrayed favorably in the season premiere of NBC's "This Is Us"

"This Is Us" is a wonderful show. It may be the best show on television. It's easily the best on network TV. But I am mad at "This Is Us," because of its recent season premiere.

It was undeniably moving and tear-jerky as "This Is Us" episodes often are. But as a football fan, it left me angry, as in, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

"This Is Us" often includes flashbacks to its lead characters growing up in Pittsburgh. The recent season premiere of this Emmy-winning blockbuster showed a landmark moment in Pittsburgh Steelers history — Franco Harris catching the pass dubbed the Immaculate Reception, on Dec. 23, 1972, that led to a playoff victory over the Oakland Raiders.

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