White House Press Secretary Gibbs Loves His Cowboys

On Thursday, we made recognition of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Tweeting about your Dallas Cowboys--namely, the fact that they are not scheduled to wear their blue road-jerseys, which some folks believe are cursed, in 2010.

“Good news for Dallas Cowboys - no cursed blue jerseys in 2010 (thank you Redskins)” Gibbs Tweeted. “[A]nyone have stats on blue v. white?”

Indeed, they will not wear the blue jerseys in 2010--unless they make the playoffs and are obliged to do so; but you already knew that, faithful reader, because you read the blog yesterday. The lingering question for us here at Blue-Star was, judging by the aforementioned Tweet, is Gibbsy a ‘Boys fan or a ‘Skins fan?

Lucky for us, NBCDFW’s Omar Villafranca has friends in high places--namely the White House.

Gibbs is, by his own description, "a lifelong Cowboys fan." He “wanted to be Roger Staubach when [he] was young, cried when he retired.” And he has “successfully made [his] 7-year-old a Cowboys fan in Washington, DC"

Mystery solved--and kudos to you Mr. Secretary. Kudos. 

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