When it Comes to Criticism, Tony Romo and Roy Williams Are On the Same Page

There's been a lot of optimistic chatter about the budding chemistry between Tony Romo and Roy Williams during training camp, but on Tuesday the wide receiver revealed that it may be premature to start casting a romantic comedy based on their relationship. Williams told reporters that the pair hooked up on a perfectly timed pass during Monday's practice, something that hasn't been happening all that often

"He threw a ball that was on time and right at the landmark where it was supposed to be," Williams told reporters. "I think that's the second or third time that's ever happened where I was in the right spot, and the ball was in the right spot, and it just clicked and looked real pretty on film." 

If everything works out, that will be the scene in the aforementioned romantic comedy when Tony realizes that he's been wasting all his time on pop stars when his true soulmate was right under his nose the whole time. We'll have to wait and see how that plays out, but the two men are making a connection off the field that shows they've got their heads in the same place. 

Williams spent a good portion of Tuesday talking about how much he welcomed criticism as a motivational tool, a good thing given how much of it he has received since becoming a Cowboy during the 2008 season. Romo is no stranger to criticism, either, but like his new BFF he's not letting it turn his smile into an umbrella

"Until we do something that people want to be really proud of, they are going to say [I'm underperforming]," Romo said. "They deserve that right. That is part of being a fan. I'm that way when I watch other sports. 'Oh what is he doing? Why did he do that? Why did he make that decision?' I'm not naive to that. I understand. It's not going to stop me from working and trying to get better the next time."

The sentiment isn't entirely different than when Romo infamously told the world that  "I wake up tomorrow and keep living,"  following the Eagles lost last December. Say what you will, it's not going to affect me and affect my outlook on football or life. The delivery is a million times better, though, which plays well with fans and media who want to hear something other than glib one-liners when shortcomings are pointed out.

Both guys are singing the right tune when it comes to their detractors. And, as in any relationship, it's good to find the things that bring you together whether it's a shared love of The Smiths, travel to exotic places or being told how much you suck.

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