Two Reminders of Why a Boring Cowboys Team Isn't a Bad Cowboys Team

It's a big week for interviews with controversial NFLers, with Donte' Stallworth and Michael Vick taking to the airwaves to share their thoughts about incidents that led to the deaths of one man and a whole bunch of dogs. Stallworth speaks to ESPN on Tuesday night while Vick will sit down with James Brown on "60 Minutes" this Sunday. The two interviews will likely cause some people to hate them more, some people to hate them less and make Jerry Jones very happy that he doesn't have any connection to either one of them.

What a nice change of pace for the Cowboys to be totally disconnected from the negative news of the NFL. Oh, sure, they're catching some flak about the price of pizza at their stadium and there will always be those who revel in the team's shortcomings, but we're on a totally different plane here. The Cowboys earned a reputation as a halfway house for football's detritus, but you can't paint them with that brush this year.

This time last year you could have done a similar interview with Pacman Jones or Tank Johnson and been reminded that the Cowboys got into bed with both of them. Or you could have had an interview with T.O. that suddenly devolved into shirtless calisthenics as you buried your head in your hands and wondered if you rooted for a football team or a circus.

This season, though, all you can look forward to is a Martellus Bennett diatribe about life on distant planets or, if you're looking to go more negative, a video about the "Black Olympics." That's in poor taste, but no one lost their life because of it and wouldn't you rather be rooting for a guy with a sometimes questionable sense of humor than a depraved indifference to human life? 

That's a pretty easy answer, and it's a pretty easy choice for the Cowboys about whether they'd be thinking about the Raiders or what one of their players is going to say about their criminal history during a nationally televised interview as well.

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