Tuck Sounds Off On ‘Boys, NFC East

Justin Tuck has a history of intriguing ideas with respect to the Dallas Cowboys.

The pass rusher-deluxe said last year to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News (who, judging by the piece, is both a card-carrying 'Boys hater and probably a despicable communist) that he wished the Cowboys were undefeated coming into New York, as opposed to 5-3 and banged up beyond belief. "When you are a competitor like everybody on this football team, you want to play the best," Tuck said. "I can honestly say I wish they were coming here undefeated."

Tuck spoke about Dallas again recently in an interview with ESPN.com's Matt Mosely, during which he commented on both the strength of the NFC East, the Cowboys in particular, and just where he lands in the great T.O. debate.

The defensive end said the division might be the strongest it's ever been (which is probably true), adding, "You look at Dallas, they could be really good -- especially if they had kept T.O."

Interesting enough, though it always seems to be the opinion of those who have never called Owens a teammate. Tuck went on, praising fellow Alabaman DeMarcus Ware highly, and remarking that he'd like to see what Ware's contract will look like.

"He's an extremely talented player -- and he's a fellow Alabama boy," Tuck continued. "I give him a hard time and say that he puts up big numbers against tight ends and running backs, but he's a great player."

The fifth-year Notre Dame product went on to give Ware the highest praise possible, stating that he studies film of the Dallas linebacker, namely his pass rushing techniques.

 "I look closely at what he does to counter certain blocks," Tuck said. "I look at Ware and Jared Allen and all the really good ones to see what they're doing."

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