Tony Romo To Prevent Choking With Choking

Tony Romo has taken a lot of heat in his short time at quarterback for the Cowboys. He’s been accused of choking. He’s been accused of spending too much time hanging out with his famous ladyfriends. He’s been accused of not working hard to stay in shape. Well, the Cowboys are taking no chances this year. This time around, they’ve developed an extensive conditioning program for all the team quarterbacks using techniques derived from MMA fighters.

The Dallas Cowboys quaterbacks are using conditioning techniques similar to those used by top MMA. That involves the use of giant tire, blue bag, black mat and jump ropes. These tools have been used by top Mixed Martial Artists and professional boxer for years. Why? Because they work.

The Examiner article in that link has a picture of one Cowboys player lifting a monster truck tire, and one guy apparently swinging a sledge hammer. I didn’t know that MMA fighters do all their training via events from the “World’s Strongest Man” competition. How far can Tony Romo run while carrying a full keg? How quickly can Jon Kitna pull a small aircraft 30 yards over a white line? I don’t know. But apparently, this kind of stuff is what champions are made of.

Juraszek says, "Most of the players have confidence in me that the reason we're doing something is because it applies to your game this way," Juraszek said. "I never go, 'Just do this". He feels the tire flip and bag lift are designed for explosion. The mat and jump rope are meant for endurance. While jumping on a mat might not seem like much, the cushioning forces the player to concentrate as he lift his knees while taking away the pounding of the artificial turf.

And the Royce Gracie armbar? Trust me, that always comes in handy when you’re going up against Albert Haynesworth.

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