The Picks: Cowboys vs. Broncos

It’s that time of week. Time to man up and make your pick for Sunday’s game. Get it right, and you’ll fancy yourself THE QUEEN OF SHEBA, YOU WILL. Get it wrong, and you’ll come crawling back to your folks, begging them to lend you an extra thousand bucks just so you won’t get evicted from your apartment. YOU WORTHLESS SLUGABED. YOU’RE LETTING A PERFECTLY GOOD SMU DEGREE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION GO TO WASTE. YOU’RE KILLING YOUR MOTHER, YOU KNOW. Here are our picks, plus picks from across the rest of the media.

Scott Crisp: Cowboys 17, Broncos 13.

Josh Alper: Cowboys, 20-10.

Bill Simmons: Not in yet. But is there any doubt he’ll tsk tsk Vegas for favoring Dallas by 3? “That’s a terrible line. I KNOW BETTER!”

Peter King: Broncos 20, Cowboys 13. “I don't care that the Broncos have played two totally inept offenses the past two weeks (Raiders, Browns). The fact they've allowed 16 points in their 3-0 start is the most impressive single statistic of September.” I don’t care if one factor affects a stat. All I care about is how cool the stat looks!

64% Of SI Users: Cowboys.

All Ten ESPN Experts Except Mort and Seth Wickersham: Cowboys. For the ESN panel, this practically counts variety. For eight of the weekend’s games, all ten experts agree on the outcome. Even the Skins game. I know the Bucs stink, but why would you pick the Redskins to win anything anymore?

Michael Silver: Cowboys.

74% Of Yahoo! Users: Cowboys.

Pete Prisco (CBS): Cowboys.

Andy (Cowboys fan I know): Cowboys win by forfeit (“Orton shows up at the stadium drunk, Marshall gets arrested Saturday night for throwing a brick through his girlfirend’s mom’s car, and McDaniels is forced to suspend 80% of the team. They would have lost by 30 anyway.”)

Index Card I Threw Up In The Air With The Name Of Each Team On Either Side, Seeing Which Team Would Land Face Up: Broncos.

The Wife: Broncos (“They’re usually good, right?”)

Me: Here we have a talented but inconsistent Cowboys squad, entering a difficult stadium for visitors to win in, to face a team that’s a mystery. This is Denver’s chance to tell the rest of the NFL that their 3-0 record isn’t a lucky accident. They run the ball exceptionally well. And say what you will about Kyle Orton, he certainly doesn’t make the same kind of wretched mistakes that Jake Delhomme does. As for the Denver defense, Champ Bailey can more than cover Roy Williams on his own, meaning you may again see more short passes behind the sticks than you want. Elvis Dumervil is a terror at end and Flozell Adams will have to stop him without resorting to hold, trips, or carefully set bear traps. It all boils down to whether or not Romo will outplay Orton. My guess is he won’t. Broncos 29, Cowboys 24.

Yours in the comments. Get ready, folks.

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