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Texas Teen Pays It ‘4ward' for Dak Prescott After His Injury

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Rebecca Taylor is a warrior. The 17-year-old from San Antonio is a fighter battling pediatric pancreatitis.

It’s a debilitating disease that has forced Taylor into hospitals across Texas for treatments and surgeries. She has lost several organs in her battle against the disease.

Some pretty notable people in North Texas took notice of her courageous fight.

Taylor received a care package from the Dallas Cowboys with a personal message from team owner Jerry Jones and an autographed football from Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. This was all before Dak’s injury that ended his season.

When Taylor heard about what happened to Dak she told her mom she had to do something for the man who had lifted her when she was down.

“She felt compelled,” Taylor’s mom Christyn said. “The sweetest part was her four-page letter. I mean it was just precious. She said ‘I’m so sorry you are having to miss this. I wish I could fix you. I know what it’s like to be in the hospital.’ She said ‘For you I know its missing games, for me its missing school.”

Taylor’s mom said she’s not even a football fan, so for this to all unfold like it has been truly a gift.

"In fact she started laughing she even said she didn’t want people to think that [she] did this because he is famous. She said she just felt bad for him and he had done something nice for her so she wanted to do something nice to him back," her mom said.

Taylor’s story of selflessness goes much further than this story though. When she was diagnosed, she and her family were told that there aren’t many children dealing with the disease right now. Like anything else, that’s why her treatment has been so difficult. Taylor wanted to do something about that. The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Rebecca’s Wish. Not for herself, but for a nonprofit to help other children dealing with pediatric pancreatitis.

Taylor hasn’t heard back from Prescott, but her mom said it wasn’t about a response for her daughter, but rather just trying to make someone else’s day.

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