Texas Stadium Gonna Be Blowed Up Real Good

Lost in all the hub-bub of the Double J’s gleaming new stadium/entertainment complex/future home of the US defense department is what happens to the poor, lonely, orphaned stadium the Cowboys left behind. What will become of not-so-beloved Texas Stadium?

Oh, I think you already know the answer.

The Associated Press now reports that the Irving city council approved funding last night to blow up the Cowboys’ old home. YEEHAW! WOOHOO! SOMEONE GET A HOG ON A SPIT! IT’S A GOOD OLD-FASHIONED STADIUM EXPLODERATIN’!

The demolition is scheduled for early 2010 and will cost that city of Irving nearly $6 million. Hey, shouldn’t the Double J be the one to clean up his mess? What’s more… 

The destruction could be a tourism draw for the Dallas area.

Irving city leaders want to work with travel companies to attract fans to watch the demolition, at a date to be determined, possibly from cities with ardent rivals of the Cowboys.

So if you’re a Giants or Redskins or Eagles fan, it behooves you to come down to Big D and cackle with schaudenfraude as the Cowboys Stadium gets turned to rubble – because the team decided to move into a better, bigger, way way way cooler stadium and don’t need it anymore. I’m sure it will cut the Cowboys to the bone.

Regardless, few things are as thrilling as seeing a big building blow up. So, to prime you for Texas Stadium’s upcoming swift and brutal execution, here are a couple of other old stadiums getting blown to high hell. Man has always loved his buildings. But what happens when the buildings say NO MORE?!

The Kingdome:

Three Rivers Stadium:

Fulton County Stadium:

And Market Square Arena:


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