Tashard Choice Is Not A Pro Bowl Player

Wade Phillips wants a top ten rushing attack.  The Cowboys have three good running backs in Felix Jones, Marion Barber, and Tashard Choice.

Choice proved to be one tough and underrated back in the last five games of the year while Jones was on the injured reserved list and Barber was nursing a foot injury.

Forget the dreams of a three headed monster when it comes to the run game.

Phillips is only really thinking of Barber (a pro bowler two years ago) and Jones has "pro bowl potential" according to the coach, as his main options. 

“Marion and Felix certainly are going to be the featured backs,” Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said to the local media. “Tashard has shown he can come in and do some specific things ... He's got a natural running style. But those other two guys are Pro Bowl-caliber guys that we have to utilize first.”

I am a fan of Choice.  He's as good as Matt Forte of Chicago.  I give Choice credit, he knows his role and tells the local San Antonio paper he accepts it.

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