Talib Will Play Against The Cowboys

Aqib Talib, who grew up in Dallas and attended Richardson Berkner, has been cleared to play on Sunday against the Cowboys, as the Buccaneers open their season at Raymond James Stadium.

Talib was involved in an altercation last month with a cab driver, in which the driver alleged that the second-year cornerback punched him and refused to get out of the cab; when police arrived, Talib allegedly maintained his refusal to get out of the car, and was subsequently charged with simple battery and non-violent resistance of arrest.

Head coach Raheem Morris said that the team will take no disciplinary action in the immediate future.

Sadly and somewhat predictably, it seems as though there won't be anything in the way of league-mandated discipline for Talib, who has been thoroughly enabled by Morris' policy of appeasement.

By my count, this is Talib's third incident of this sort (violent) in his short time in the league, with the first two involving teammates. After an incident that resulted in Talib taking off his helmet and attempting to hit a teammate in the face with it (he actually missed his intended target and opened a cut on the face of a bystander), Morris employed a 'boys will be boys' explanation.

Morris said of this latest sitiuation on PewterReport.com,  "There is nothing to discipline yet. There is no reconciliation with what is going on. There has been nothing with the league. There has been nothing with off the field issues. There has been nothing legally, so not the time for me, not the proper time for me to discipline."

Somehow, I'm not the least bit surprised.

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