Phillips Puts His Foot Down On Extracurricular Foot Races

Earlier this week, Blue-Star's own Josh Alper devoted a post to David Buehler, Cowboys kickoff specialist and athlete at large, dusting rookie cornerback DeAngelo Smith in a post-practice 50 yard sprint. The win will undoubtedly result in Smith catching some considerable flack from teammates--good athlete or not, it's still a white kicker, after all--and Buehler going into the sometimes-remembered annals of training camp lore.

Unfortunately for Smith, he won't be getting a chance to redeem himself anytime soon.

As reported in a Wednesday post on the DMN Cowboys Blog, Wade Phillips has put the kibosh on any post-practice racing.

"He's not going to do that again," Phillips said yesterday about Buehler. "It's not very smart to do those types of things. He knows it, and he's not going to do it again."

Obviously, the statement points to a fear of needless injury as a result of an ultimately pointless race on Phillips' behalf. This is certainly understandable.

Still, one must wonder if Phillips would have made such a move in the past, or if this is a product of Wade version 2.0, ostensibly tougher and quicker to discipline than was his predecessor.

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