Phillips Focused On Saturday

Given the Dallas Cowboys' recent history with respect to putting the proverbial cart before the horse, the season-long maxim of taking the season as it comes, "one game at a time," to be banal about it, is a positive shift in mindset.

It shouldn't surprise anyone then, that Wade Phillips doesn't want to talk about a divisional round playoff game, before a divisional round playoff game is certain; that is, after the Eagles game next week, should Dallas come away with the win.

This comes at a time when, seemingly for the first time this season, much of the national media are singing the Cowboys praises, debating the team's rank among the best in the conference and, often enough, doing so in a manner favorable to Dallas.

Phillips, wisely to be sure, skirted any questions of this sort on Monday.

"I don't gauge all that," Phillips said, per the Dallas Morning News. "I think we're confident going into this game and I think we'll play well this game but I don't gauge who's what. We'll see when we play."

Phillips, whose job may still be on the line if he doesn't win a playoff game, is concentrating on pulling off what no coach before him has: beating a division rival three times in a season.

"I feel good about this first game and we're looking forward to that one," Phillips said.

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