Pacman-Dallas Reunion Not In the Cards

Whether making it rain on a gaggle of strippers, fighting security guards (or Pros Vs. Joes contestants, or, well, strippers), or just playing football, Pacman Jones always creates a stir.

This was never more apparent than last month, when a half-past-sauced Jerry Jones mentioned the troubled ex-Cowboy's name to a member of the media. "Would you beat me up too bad if I brought Adam back?" he asked.

The answer is, and was, yes. Yes we would.

The Pacman Jones experiment was a failed endeavor on the level of the Bay of Pigs invasion, only the Bay of Pigs didn't last nearly as long. Jones didn't do much in the way of real controversy (except fighting his body guard, and that story has two sides); he also didn't do much in the way of contributing, however.

As a returner, Jones was outshined completely by Patrick Crayton, who averaged ten yards better per return than did the Rain-Man. As a corner, Jones was serviceable at best, and certainly not worth the trouble (and the stigma) that went along with having him in town.

Jerry cleared up his comments a day later, and a collective sigh rolled through the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Whispers of a reunion remained, pretty much throughout the summer; nothing substantial, but enough to make most Dallas fans throw up in their mouths a little bit.

But according to, such a reunion is highly unlikely.

"As one league source explained it," the report says, "Executive Vice President Stephen Jones has been acquiring more juice within the building, as evidenced by the decision to dump Terrell Owens."

"While owner Jerry Jones might be tempted to give Pacman another chance, we're told that Stephen Jones is squarely against it -- and that as a result it most likely won't be happening."

Many Dallas fans are skeptical, perhaps reasonably so, of the idea that Jerry would concede power.

But even if Jerry is a power-drunk autocrat (which seems doubtful, given the T.O. decision), he has the sense to know that a signing of this magnitude this late in the game would throw camp (back) into chaos, and thoroughly destroy the quiet, business-like atmosphere that has shown up this year like a cool breeze on a sweltering day.

Now, let's forget any of this ever happened.

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