Not Ready To Buy The Hype

One more Cowboys camp and one more Jerry Jones presser blowing smoke about the season.  I won't go into all the highlights, but Jerry Jones is selling his brand of sunshine about the 2009 season.

Jones is trying to sell fans on Wade Phillips being back as the Cowboys head coach.  Even though they got drilled by Philly 44-6 in the last game of the season.  A game in which the winner made the playoffs.

The Cowboys owner  told the media, "I want to emphasize this," Jerry said. "I'm so solid in my thinking that by having Wade Phillips as our head coach and what he brings with his experience and what he brings to the table with his experience as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, with his full perspective of his first year as head coach and his second year as head coach, I like that mix. I like that combination of not only his skill but what he brings to the table, and I like what our players see when he steps up there as our head coach."

Sorry.  I like Uncle Wade.  But....I'm not sold on him being the right guy to win a playoff game for the Cowboys.  I hope they do, it make my life easier, but I don't trust this organization anymore.

I am not ready to buy the hype.

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