No Glitz. No Glamour. Just Practice

I don't know if was the 9-7 season, or the lack of Hollywood appeal, but the first practice in San Antonio for the Dallas Cowboys was just that, a practice. The Cowboys arrived in jerseys, shorts, and helmets, and basically just worked against air for the entire session. No standard team session or scrimmage.

All of the team arrived just after 2pm, went through stretches, and special teams. About 10-minutes later, Tony Romo walked out of the tunnel by himself. He was the last player to make it to the practice turf. I'll admit (like my twitter said), I thought it was odd Romo was technically late. However, it did make for good video as he walked through the tunnel.

The highlights were sparse, and the execution was pretty solid. Expect a little more when the pads come on, and the scrimmages start.

Quote of the day:

"The fans have a better view than we do!!"- Every photographer in the building

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