No Drama Isn't the Same As No Expectations

During his Presidential campaign, Barack Obama got the nickname “No Drama Obama” for the way he always seemed to keep a cool reserve while controversy or problems raged around him. Obviously it worked for him, but will it work for the Cowboys?

That seems to be the design. After years spent collecting big name free agents, making lavish trades and living inside of a raging hurricane, the Cowboys ratcheted things way down this offseason. T.O. is Buffalo’s problem now, Pacman fever is a thing of the past and Jessica is singing her songs to someone else. The whole offseason was about lowering the volatility and the Cowboys did that at every turn.

It was the right call. The team may have lost talent, but they were paying much too big a price for it. The old way wasn’t working, and the new stadium didn’t need to be sullied in its first season by a repeat of the off-field madness that reigned in the last few years.

Yet as much as the lack of drama has helped, expectations seem to have lowered. Solid signings like Igor Olshansky and Gerald Sensabaugh will help the defense, but don't do much to dazzle observers. The national media ranks the Cowboys in the middle of the pack, a far cry from last year's Super Bowl predictions. That's meant much less national coverage, a state of affairs that was very un-Cowboy like indeed. You might even say that things have been boring around Valley Ranch, but that doesn’t figure to be the case much longer.

It's hard to be boring when there's so much focus on your head coach and quarterback. While Super Bowl expecations may have been ratcheted down this offseason, expectations on Wade Phillips and Tony Romo have been ratcheted way up. Neither guy can pin struggles on anyone but themselves, and neither guy will be given a pass because the team lost some talented players this offseason.

So those of you missing the drama should just hold tight. There should be plenty of it as Phillips and Romo try to live up to their new expectations.

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