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Dallas Cowboys Superfan Creates Unique Cowboy Hats for Fans of America's Team

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As the Dallas Cowboys prepare for Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons at home, a local superfan is getting ready as well.

Valentin Robles shows his support and love for America's Team in a very unique way, by turning any cowboy hat into a piece of art.

"About five years ago, I just came up with a design. You know, I went to the store, saw a cowboy hat I liked and took it home, I bought some stencils and I just put the small stencils on there just to get started," said Robles. "It's just a passion for me, it is a hobby that I've always liked to draw and paint. So when I came up with this idea, I just ran with it and people are loving it."

Robles said it all starts with the Cowboys star right in the front and then he fills in the spaces with popular sayings, stars, anything

"It really just start with me putting the star right in the front and then I just start filling in the spaces, I can put 'we dem boyz' on the side and then put stars in between."

Raymond Ortiz is a Dallas Cowboys fan who likes Robles' work.

"What I like about the hats is that we get to express the love that we have for our Cowboys. And it is easy, we can put our favorite players, we can put our name, and every time I put one of these hats on it's a different feeling. So when I put it on it's like 'OK, now I'm complete' — outfit, everything, let's go."

Robles says seeing fans wearing his hats brings him so much pride.

"I have seen a lot of people with my hats, especially inside the games," he said. "I have been to some games and I am at the top and I see people walking with my hat and I am like 'hey those are my hats' you know, and it just brings me a little some joy to me, people wearing the hats out there. I get excited."

His hats are not just popular with fans, some big-name professional players own them too like Dirk Nowitzki, Jaylon Smith, Tony Dorsett, Ed Too Tall Jones and Earl Campbell.

Robles' dream is to have one specific current Cowboy wearing his hat.

"I would like to see Dak Prescott wear it, because he's the leader of the team and I mean, I've got some ideas of the hat that I would like to make for him," Robles said. "You know, showing that he is the sheriff of the team. And for him to wear one of my hats -- man, that would be something else there."

We're told the hats are priced between $75 and $100 dollars.

Valentin does not have a website but does take requests through his Facebook page.

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