Marty B Is Cooler Than T.O.

Martellus Bennett has given the sound byte trade in Dallas a much needed boost since the departure of one Terrell Owens, a subject written about yesterday by Blue-Star's own Josh Alper, titled The Rise and Rise of Martellus Bennett. The crux of the piece, basically, was that Marty B was just as entertaining, while wielding no apparent baggage and emerging as a training camp star and a potential force to be reckoned with opposite T.O.'s BFF Jason Witten.

It's true.

Marty B TV is more entertaining than T.O.'s circus--a fact, corroborated by the generally pedestrian antics of the latter on his crappy, and probably ill-fated reality show--while avoiding the stigma of being a distraction to his team.

But Marty B is still chasing Owens, if not with respect to on-field performance, than in the Twitter arena, with respect to how many people click the 'follow' button on his page. Bennett said on Tuesday that he would give free tickets to a game to his thirty-thousandth follower, as well as the sixty and ninety-thousandth; "Not that many," Bennett said when asked about the number of 'followers' he's accrued. "I gotta catch up with T.O. though. I don't know [what he's got]. More than me."

A reporter from the Ticket  responded, echoing what has probably been said somewhere between 500,000-1,000,000 times since 2003, and that's just counting Philadelphia. "You're way cooler than that dude," the Ticket reporter said. "He's a d-bag."

"I'm a lot cooler than T.O.," Bennett affirmed, to a chorus of snickering.

Which is also true and, at this point, it seems, abundantly obvious for anyone not living in Western New York... well, them and maybe that porn star they dressed up as a Los Angeles real estate agent on the T.O. Show.

They'll find that out soon enough though, when Owens tosses Trent Edwards under the bus. Inevitably, some forethoughtful Bills fan will step back from the love-high and utter what those in Dallas, Philly and San Fran know all too well at this point.

"Dude... That's not cool."

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