Marcus Spears Speaks

Q: what’s it like being inside on this kind of turf
It’s not too different. Not having to go outside in 104* is wonderful. We are going to thank our fans for the atmosphere we have. We are trying to get as much done as possible.
We just want to win. We just want to work hard enough, to put enough forth to win. Do thing exactly right, Wade has stressed that all year. I don’t think it’s a question of the guys that we have, we just have to do things the right way all the time.
Q: New attitude, a little bit low key with the expectations…..?
 It’s a new season and you have to build from the ground up and not come in with any expectations; you have to build a foundation. No house can stand without building that first; I think that is the mentality of guys. That’s why you don’t hear guys talking about what we expect, that’s why you don’t hear guys trying to make predictions or anything like that; we are starting from square one. I think when you start that way you always have a lot of things to look back (on) and reflect on what you did and what you can do to prepare for the future. 
It’s How we approach practice and how we approach games- anything that goes wrong will affect us when we play on Sundays. I think a lot of guys realize that and me being a five year man and a veteran I really understand what it takes to be able to be good week in and week out; that’s having a foundation and believing in what you are doing
Q: have a losing or winning mentality?
I don’t know what you mean by losing mentality; we just might as well go home if that’s they way we’re thinking. If we don’t believe we can win and we can play well then it is all for nothing.
This is a huge years for Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears.  He wants to get paid and in the NFL you make your retirement dollars on on your second paycheck.

Spears will be a free agent at the end of the season. Jerry Jones has not spoke about giving him an extension.  Jones has made it clear is top priority is getting All Pro linebacker Demarcus Ware an extension.

Spears and Ware were both first round draft picks in 2005.  Spears went 20th while Ware was taken 11th.

Here's Spears on day one of training camp:

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