Jessica Simpson Moves Down NFC East Depth Chart

Any good Dallasite could tell you that Jessica Simpson is a woman of many titles: Actress; singer; melon smuggler; possible succubus.

But according to a report in the D.C. publication The National Ledger, you can add vengeful traitor to that list. Per the Ledger, per Star Magazine, Jessica has become involved with Colt Brennan, the Redskins backup quarterback who plays an unconvincing Tony Romo in Chris Cooley's internet videos (but is still a more convincing actor than is Simpson).

"Game on!" the Ledger says. "Jess is flirting her way to a romance with exTony Romo’s archenemy - Washington Redskins quarterback Colt Brennan!"

Hoho, the stuff of The Young and the Restless, indeed. Only Colt Brennan can't be Tony Romo's archenemy, if for no other reason than Brennan is a backup. Maybe he hooked Jessica by showing her film of his record-breaking college career at Hawaii. Or maybe he just holds that clipboard in a super-cute manner. 

But archenemies? He-Man probably disliked Beast Man, but they could never be archenemies, because he wasn't competition for The Most Powerful Man in the Universe. Same problem here.

The report says Brennan recently sent Jessica tickets to the Redskins September 13 game against the Giants, as well as a Redskins jersey.

Presumably, if the report is true, Jessica was in her jersey last night, for the 'Skins' preseason opener against Baltimore. Brennan went 4-12 for 43 yards and an interception.

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