JerryWorld Has Another Flaw

With the senational coverage of the largest television in the free world, which can potentially hinder a game and inevitably get more publicity than most offensive linemen, another flaw has emerged in the design of Jerry Jones' magnum opus.

According to a report by CBS 11, the stadium itself presents a trying task for the physically disabled; at least, those with physical disabilities and no season tickets.

The stadium, in its defense, and in order to avoid its wrath, houses 237 handicap parking spaces, 110 more than is required. However, each of the 237 is in parking lots reserved for season ticket holders; and those are sold out.

The report cites the case of Gabriel Carcia, a quadraplegic man from Grapevine. Garcia said the team told him he could purchase a Rangers Ballpark parking pass and be shuttled to the stadium via golf cart. But this presents a problem. "I'm a quadraplegic," Garcia explained to CBS 11. "I can't really transfer in and out of golf carts very well." 

Garcia also considered pushing himself the half-mile or so to the stadium in his wheelchair, but even then, the parking would run to $60.

The team should nbow be cognizent of this issue, and an accessibility consultant who worked on the stadium's design said one possible solution would be shuttles with lifts. She went on to say that she would personally ensure that Garcia had no problem when he arrives on September 20, as the Cowboys open that stadium against the visiting Giants.

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