Day Two At Camp: Jerry Puts the Pressure on Romo

In training camp tradition, Jerry Jones, and the head coach, in the case Wade Phillips, kicked off training camp with their introductory press conference. It was quite a different tone from a year ago, with the Cowboys being heavy Super Bowl favorites in '08.

This year, Jerry shot down any lofty expectations other than saying his team is going to be extremely competitive. What he did do though, was praise Tony Romo in a tone similar to how people worship a higher power on Sundays. You'd think Romo had just come off two Super Bowls, five MVPs, and cured world hunger. If this is a "make or break" season for the quarterback, his owner isn't doing him any favors by placing the season's success on Romo's shoulder pads.

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And who would've thought the moment of the press conference would come from head coach/defensive coordinator Uncle Wade Phillips? He started his statement by pounding the table and yelling, "It's football time!".

I haven't seen that kind of fire out of the teddy bear head coach ever. Wade's intent is crystal clear: forget about last season.

One thing Phillips did say that caught my attention was that he's excited about '09, because we can "come back from last year."

Neither Jones nor Phillips talked Super Bowls. they barely talked playoffs. Last year's circus of Super Bowl chat and "Hard Knocks", appears to have changed them. The Cowboys haven't done anything in a decade, and they've start acting like it.

Quote of the day:

A prominent Dallas sports anchor: "Why don't you make like a good intern, and run to my car and get my clothes. Oh, and I need water too."

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