Injured Titans Receiver Has A Weird Run-In With The Law

As the Titans arrived in Dallas last night, injured receiver (not strikeout-prone first baseman) Chris Davis was embarking on a night of badness, weirdness, and bad weirdness.

First, Davis got drunk.

Then Davis drove.

After that, it gets a little weird.

Davis consented to a breathalyzer after being pulled over for speeding back in Nashville, blowing a .11, well over the state's legal limit, which is .08. The third-year receiver, who didn't make the trip to Jerry World due to a hamstring injury, was slapped with a well-deserved DUI.

The twist is that, according to the Nashville City Paper, the officer who pulled over Davis is the same one who was involved with Steve McNair's 2003 DUI, as well as Sahel Kazemi's DUI earlier this year, only days before she shot and killed the former Titans quarterback before turning the gun on herself.

McNair's DUI was eventually dismissed on a technicality.

According to Pro Football Talk, the officer, Shawn Taylor, had been under investigation by the Metro police department after the Kazemi incident, for reflecting an "unprofessional" tone in remarks to another officer during a call.

"Guess who I've stopped?" Taylor allegedly said during the stop.  "Remember that young female I stopped at Broadway a few weeks ago?  Guess who is with her?"

Taylor went on to say that McNair was "drunk as hell", but that Kazemi wasn't; obviously, as Kazemi was subsequently arrested for DUI, he changed his mind.

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