How Romo's Wandering Eye Could Benefit the Cowboys

Tony Romo may have decided to part ways with the bosomy bane of Cowboy fans' existence, Jessica Simpson, this offseason, but the tabloids just aren't ready to quit them. Wednesday brought news of Jessica's attempt to enlist a witch to ensure Romo's life post-breakup was about as successful as Nick Lachey's, and on Thursday the National Enquirer fired again with news that Romo wasn't feeling the monogamy thing.

While doing the time-honored destroy the ex-boyfriend/burn the pink jersey thing, three of Simpson's pals allegedly told her that Romo hit on them behind her back while they were dating. Rumor has it Romo would get "all grabby and kissy-face," which is okay with Jason Witten but a major no-no with your galpal's chums.

One friend told her: "We were at a party when you were out of town and I ran into Tony. We were friendly, just talking. But the more he drank, the more friendly he got. Finally, he said, 'You know, you and I should get together - Jessica doesn't need to find out!'"

You may not believe this potentially fantastical account has anything to do with football, but it does and it is good news for the Cowboys. Romo obviously had a first receiver for his affections in mind on the night in question, but that receiver wasn't a good option for his pass. So he took his time and analyzed the situation before making his play. He checked down and, in the parlance of our times, tried to take what the defense gave him, which is exactly the kind of pragmatic playmaking you want to see from your quarterback in that situation. 

Would you have preferred to see him try to force a throw into a double-team? This isn't college, you can't get away with that kind of stuff at this level and Romo knew it. Should he have just tucked the ball away and run it himself? Perhaps, but you don't want a quarterback with happy feet giving up a shot at a touchdown before it's absolutely necessary. Romo hit seven different receivers in the win against the Titans, a sure sign that a wandering eye can be beneficial.

If the Enquirer's report is true, Romo may not have behaved like an ideal boyfriend, but his quarterbacking insticts were spot-on. At the end of the day, which do you really care about more?

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