I'll be the first to admit that I watched Spike TVs "4th and Long.". In fact, in a summer with slow appointment TV, this was my one scheduled recording on the DVR. I loved it.

Forget that Michael Irvin overacted, and made me laugh in his all black attire. This was good TV: a bunch of football rejects, each with their own list of excuses, were vying for a spot on the Cowboys training camp roster.

In the end, receiver Jesse Holley out of North Carolina was the big winner. Even though I was pulling for the little guy out of Toledo, Andrew Hawkins.

Holley has a chance to make 80-man camp roster. His special teams skills aren't great, but they're the key to hanging around.

The Cowboys receiving corp will likely be as good at staying healthy as Jerry Jones does staying away from the cameras. At 6'4, Holley has the height and athletic ability to win a spot away from one of the rookies. That his key to success is a weak point is just one more reality TV-esque twist.

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