Holley Vindicates Irvin, Disproves Skeptics

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Since a great portion of the country (and the city) views Jerry Jones as an autocrat and a miser whose goals are limited almost exclusively to amassing more wealth and scoring face time for himself and his football team, the fact that Jesse Holley's making the Cowboys' practice squad was met with heavy cynicism isn't all that surprising.

It's also isn't all that fitting, though.

Regardless of your thoughts on Jones and his affinity for publicity, one can't deny that Holley earned his spot on the practice squad; nor can one deny that, barring a miracle, the practice squad was the best the 26 year-old could reasonably hope for amid a crowded corps of receivers.

Was his cause helped by his winning 4th And Long?

Perhaps; but the fact that he did it, made the practice squad, (which is more than a lot of Dallas' draft picks can say) should indicate that the kid has some genuine talent, something he displayed on Friday. Conspiracy theories aside, if there wasn't some ability there, he wouldn't be around; this is simple, NFL-math.

Holley, after a shaky pair of plays on special teams early in the second half on Friday night, grabbed a live punt and took it 82 yards for  a touchdown, a play that displayed the former UNC basketball player's athleticism and , undoubtedly, aided in his getting the call to remain with the team.

That call came as a bit of vindication for Michael Irvin and his television show, and a victory that is anything but small for Holley--who, this time last year, was working at a home security company.

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