Gannon: Romo Is Best QB In NFC East

Two weeks ago, Jean Jacque Taylor surprised us all when he let a little positivity slip, arguing on the Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog that Tony Romo was the best quarterback in the NFC East.

On that very blog today, it was reported that former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon agrees in full with JJT.

The 2002 NFL MVP said on his Sirius radio show that Romo is the best quarterback in the NFC East, "ahead of Donovan just a hair."

"I think now that he's dumped Jessica Simpson, he's got the golf clubs in the closet, he's able to focus, he's got rid of T.O., I look for him to have a great year, absorb and take on more of that leadership with the Cowboys," Gannon said. "I just think he's got the best skills of all those quarterbacks."

Gannon, apparently, is a proponent of the addition-by-subtraction theory, as he cited the absence of a certain reality television star/wide receiver as a factor in what he believes will be a great year for Romo.

"He's a great competitor," Gannon continued. "He's got a little bit of that gunslinger mentality like Brett Favre. He's willing to take chances. I really think he's probably going to have his best year in the absence of T.O."

The Super Bowl record holder (for interceptions in a game) had Donovan McNabb second, Eli "Moneybags" Manning third and Jason Campbell predictably fourth.

Romo, for all the longwinded criticism that is regularly lobbed in his direction, has actually gotten a fair amount of praise of recent. Michael Irvin defended the embattled quarterback last week, imploring fans to remember the Drew Bledsoe days, lest we forget how good we have it with Romo. Irvin then went into a metaphor, in which Romo (presumably) was a pretty girl, and Bledsoe was an ugly one.

JJT, in the aforementioned post, called Romo a "terrific quarterback," and argued, like Gannon, that he was the best in the division.

And yesterday, Jeff Lurie, Philadelphia's owner, implied that Romo (and every other starting QB in the division) was a potential Super Bowl winner.

"I tend to focus a lot on quarterbacks and to me the big news in the NFC is that we have a division with four quarterbacks, in my opinion, that are capable of winning a Super Bowl," Lurie said.

So there you have it. Suck on that, Brandon Jacobs.

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