Lamb's Journey to Cowboys Stardom No Surprise to Family, Friends

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Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb began his second season in the NFL Thursday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with high expectations. But to his family, it's the continuation of what he's been doing since he was known by his birth name, Cedarian.

“Things you all are seeing now, he was doing at 12, 13 (years old),” Lamb's father Cliff Lamb said.

“The coaches kept saying, 'Cedarian! Cedarian! Cedarian!' So he was like, 'I need to shorten this up some way,'" Cliff Lamb said. "So they started calling him T.D. Then one day, the coach said, 'I’m not going to call you T.D., I’m going to call you CeeDee.'"

Question: But not in your house though?

“Well, I still call him Cedarian. He’s still Cedarian to me.”

Still called Cedarian by family and friends who know him best, and who remember Lamb as a child who loved every moment outdoors, especially in his early years living in Louisiana.

“'Hey dad, when are we going to the barn? Hey dad, can I ride the horse? Hey dad, let’s do this," Cliff Lamb said.

With a passion that switched from horses to basketball and football, where he began to really make a name for himself at Foster High School near Houston.

“His junior year of high school, that’s when he started to gain that popularity," Lamb's younger brother Christian Lamb said.

“A little over 2,000 yards, about 100 receptions, about 20 maybe 30 touchdowns, and the sky was the limit after that," Cliff Lamb said.

Sky-high potential, eventually resulting in major success at the University of Oklahoma, before he saw his popularity skyrocket as the first-round selection of the Dallas Cowboys in 2020.

"Went to college in Oklahoma, grew up in Houston, what better fan base? All my fans are around. Dallas is my new home. No better place than Jerry World," Cliff Lamb said.

In a perfect place to continue his growth as a player, with the people who matter most to CeeDee Lamb proud of every move while not surprised at his success each step of the way.

“I miss having him around. He’s my big bro. He’s got connections just like that. What he do I do. What I do he do. It just runs in the family," Christian Lamb said.

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