Did McNabb Suggest Vick Deal?

It's no secret that Donovan McNabb is a bit of a jealous girlfriend of a quarterback. Justifiably so, perhaps, considering that he was booed fiercely on draft day and questioned at just about every turn since, in a career that has included four appearances in the conference championship game and one Super Bowl.

In any case, the degree to which McNabb has overstated his agreement with the Mike Vick deal comes as a bit curious. And funny.

In Matt Mosely's NFC East Blog on ESPN.com, McNabb is quoted as saying not only that he's okay with the deal, but he actually suggested it.

"Just to put it out there, I brought it up to [Reid's] attention in July, before Mike got away from house arrest, before July 20th," McNabb said. "And I mentioned it to him and I said why don't we think about signing Vick and bringing him into camp and he'll get an opportunity to get his feet up under him, I'll get a chance to work with him and he'll get a chance to learn from the best.

"Obviously, at that time nobody wanted to put it out there if they were interested or whatever," McNabb continued. "And I just kind of reassured him a couple weeks later and just said, 'What do you think about Vick? I think it would be a great opportunity for him.' And they thought about it and obviously continued to have things happen. And hopefully with this, we can get something from it and help us out in so many ways."

No. Seriously. I'm okay with this. I swear.

McNabb certainly sounds the part of a slightly insecure quarterback, and as he continues, it becomes abundantly clear that the veteran quarterback remembers just about every slight ever dealt him by the public.

Speaking on the possibility of being benched in favor of Vick (not likely, where I'm standing), McNabb said, "It wouldn't be any different with Kevin [Kolb]. I've been through many situations throughout my career where if I got injured or someone wasn't liking the way I was playing, they cheered for the backup or whoever they wanted to cheer for was the one they wanted in. It happened with [Jeff] Garcia, it happened with Kolb, it happened with A.J. [Feeley]. So I'm used to that."

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