Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Tradition Looks Slightly Different in 2020

The team joined forces with Salvation Army once again for annual tradition

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The Dallas Cowboys honored one of their long-standing traditions Tuesday: supporting families in need as Thanksgiving approaches.

But this year's food distribution at the Salvation Army looked a little different than in years past. It was conducted via drive-thru. And that wasn't the only change.

"I'm pleased to be joined by some of our former players," Cowboys executive vice president and chief brand officer Charlotte Jones said. "We don't have any of our guys that will be on the field this weekend for obvious reasons."

With current Cowboys kept away because of COVID-19 concerns, former players were put back in the lineup. Charles Haley, Tony Casillas and George Teague gladly stepped in to help during this tumultuous 2020.

"How people have been impacted by the pandemic and COVID and everything else, this is extremely important and I wouldn't miss the opportunity to be able to come and serve and give back as much as I can," former safety George Teague said.

Cowboys Ring of Honor member Darren Wodson said he liked to give back too. Hs relationship with the Salvation Army dates back to when he was in need.

"I was an inner-city kid, grew up in the projects of Phoenix, Arizona and I can remember walking to the Salvation Army which was directly across the street from the projects and they were there to serve and serve my family," Woodson said.

Moments like the food distribution can help put things in perspective.

"We're complaining about people not being in the stands and things of that nature," Teague said. "Then you realize that, 'Hey man, people need food.' And so this is really a good self-check to remind what's the most important our game and that's to be able to give back to others."

"If there's a way that we can contribute just a little, a little smile, a little more food, a little more enjoyment on Thanksgiving to those who need it, then that's what we're here to do," Jones said.

Albertson's and Tom Thumb provided the food for this year's drive-thru distribution.

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