Dallas Cowboys Celebrate 60th Anniversary

A photo of the Cowboys initial leadership group, pictured in front of the team's first administrative offices on North Central Expressway.
Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are celebrating its 60th anniversary Tuesday.

It was on January 28, 1960 when Clint Murchison Jr. was awarded a National Football League expansion team, and the Dallas Cowboys were born.

The Cowboys became the NFL's 13th team.

A press release from the team said, "The Cowboys were designated as a "swing" team for the 1960 season as they played all 12 of the other NFL teams one time. Dallas' results of a 0-11-1 record were listed in the Western Conference standings. Head coach Tom Landry's first team lost the first 10 games in club history before registering a 31-31 tie against the New York Giants in the second to last game of the year. The following year, the Minnesota Vikings were added to the NFL, and the Cowboys found a permanent home in the Eastern Conference while the Vikings joined the Western Conference as the league's 14th team."

The Cowboys plan to celebrate this milestone throughout 2020, with special events, recognition and announcements.

An official Dallas Cowboys 60th Anniversary logo will also be used throughout the year-long celebration.

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